We have sqrt{0.08 + 0.18} = sqrt{8/100 + 18/100} = 12/10 or  0.12. Another very important concept that arises from the concept of proportion is the definition of proportional. On the other hand, complex ratios would result in dissonant sounds. A major third in just intonation corresponds to a pitch ratio of 5:4 or 386.31 cents; in equal temperament, a major third is equal to four semitones, a ratio of 21/3:1 or 400 cents, 13.69 cents wider than the 5:4 ratio. 27:29 C. 37:39 D. 27:39 The correct answer is C. 2. When a musical instrument is tuned using a just intonation tuning system, the size of the main intervals can be expressed by small-integer ratios, such as 1:1 , 2:1 , 3:2 (perfect fifth), 4:3 (perfect fourth), 5:4 (major third), 6:5 (minor third). //]]>. Two men earn a yearly salary in the ratio 10:13. For example, if we have any four numbers or quantities that we represent as ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, and ‘d’ respectively, then we may write the proportion of these four quantities as: //
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