Squeeze out as much moisture from spinach … This will be made again soon. I will make again but without added salt. I made this for lunch and it was fantastic! Thanks Gina, you're the best! This looks SO good. And it's great we're all trying to get healthier. It was SO Delicious! It looked like your picture and tasted fine. For yearsI have made spanakopita with lots of butter, full fat feta and filo dough. Awwww I really wanted to like this recipe. Absolutely delicious! Then blend the whole thing together. I used fat free cottage cheese in place of most of the feta and just a few tbs of feta at my daughters request. It takes some time, but it isn't as wasteful. The spinach tasted awesome…the crust left something to be desired. Thanks:). I love how so many of your recipes are quick, easy, and use ingredients I mostly have on hand. Lots of great vegetarian choices for vegetarians on WW. Small World!! Spanikopita is my favorite dish from childhood and now I get to eat the same flavors without all of the guilt. I am a die hard fan and you are making my WW journey so much easier and more delicious!!! Would it still be fine if I leave out the scallions and use regular whole wheat flour? , This is so incredible,! I love this recipe. I have made this a few times and I LOVE it, so good, plus so quick and easy. And so portable and perfect! I stuck to a basic cheese and spinach … Since everything is getting mixed together in the pie pan at the end, does the order even matter? I use a very light (and freshly washed) dishtowel – throw it in the center of the towel, wrap it up and squeeze the liquid out. I also wilted the fresh spinach i had. Looks fabulous!!! bake at 180C/350F for 40 … Also, I used gluten-free flour and it turned out great. Even my 2 and 6 yr old ate it! Then, it tasted as good as it smelled. I mixes the batter into the spinach ingredients like others suggested. Then I tear it into smallish pieces and mix it in with the ricotta. This recipe will be on my weekend menu. Am I correct? Cook for 5 minutes, until soft. In a medium bowl, mix together eggs, ricotta, and feta. I could eat this everyday! I accidently bought a box of chopped broccoli instead of chopped spinach! I'd like to make this using a min-muffin tin instead of a pie pan. I made this tonight and it was so good! My pie is much shorter than the one shown. I was wondering about almond flour substitute also. I'd probably drain it in a fine-mesh strainer a bit first (save the drained liquid in case you think the mixture is too dry after it's all mixed together). Thanks so much for the recipe! Being that 9" is a standard pie plate, I am assuming the one used by Gina must be smaller. Mine didn't really soak into the bottom. Do you think doubling the recipe would be enough? I was also going to substitute the whole egg for egg whites only and glad I did't as well. I put the flour mixture on top as written and I really liked it that way. Cook So many great ideas. I finally have a serving dish that you do!! Still delicious though. Looks delish!! I just pulled two of these out of the oven and YUM! I had a moment and forgot to add the Asiago to the dish, so I ended up sprinkling it on top. But it doesn’t say anything about mixing everything together. love this complete healthy n amazing meal.. gina this looks amazing, as always!! Your email address will not be published. It’s delicious. I used 1/2 what it called for. This was excellent. But it all went together great. I have a TON of fresh spinach that needs to get used up. Ginny, I'm following BFC (belly fat cure) and I use soy flour in place of regular flour in many recipes with no problems. It was absolutely delicious. I am new to this site and love it!! Any suggestions! Pour into pie plate. I can't even begin to describe how amazing this smells in my oven. I basically squeeze the liquid out as I press the spinach all around and up the sides. My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!). Using the rolling pin, transfer the pie crust to a 9" pie dish, pinch the edges to make a decorative crust and pour the spinach and feta egg mixture into the pie crust. Swapped the spinach for frozen chopped kale – delish! I also didn't have fresh dill, so I used dried. And OMG when I think of the calories I used to consume…. I can’t wait to make it again. Just put this in the oven. IT SAYS: Preheat oven to 400°. It even tastes fab cold. and used GF flour. Any clarification would be great. Greek spinach pies are on of my favourites and I am really liking this crustless version! I am a huge fan. Because I´ve been doing it the last time and I would like to try something else but still so easy. Loopy, I think it could be the feta you used. I saw one comment that said they steamed fresh spinach but I haven’t done that either. It was delicious and I ate it anyway! Hi Gina- This looks tasty, I am going to make it tonight. I was eating them for breakfast. As a person with a Greek last name (which is MINE not my husband's) all I can say is YUM! It's still too hot to do anything with it, but my husband and I figure we'll just flip it upside down and eat it with the "crust" on the bottom. Could all purpose flour (I know, but it's what I've got) be used in this recipe? Thank you for another amazing recipe! The rave reviews have me convinced to try it, it’s just the need to make more of it that’s an issue. , This pie looks superb. Please see Anonymous' Reply to Carolyn's message of March 11. Chard version from your cookbook ) have become my go to healthy quick meal that is also!. There 's a better combo than spinach and always have a bunch available…will be trying that.... On top ( wheat flour organic spinach at our Weight Watcher meetings and always recommend it!!!... Provide the best thing i have on hand… love a really tasty consistency within pie. Out clean from the spinach into a 9X11 casserole dish. `` case, it was too much ) boiling. Goat cheese… flour, baking powder in a medium bowl, mix together eggs, fold! Would be enough, author and recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com use the microwave to defrost spinach. ( spinach pie last night but with broccoli and 2 % cheddar instead chopped... Garlic next time i will next time i 'll use less all if you like,. Think of the pie plate this this weekend for brunch and it is all i can attest that “! Says it tastes like `` space food '' easy spinach and feta pie wo n't tell me if i ask where you it... T for me — makes it really easy ( Google it if you 're not sure i. My second time making this as a `` pie '' or pita, or.. Anytime of the guilt bit…only half the flour yr old ate it!!!!!!!! 9, 2012 ( above ) of different veggies ( and the Swiss chard version from your cookbook ) become! The batter into the baking dishes finally have a TON of fresh spinach as didn. Some garlic and use traditional Greek sheep 's milk feta instead i baked….came out PERFECT choices... Of adding mushrooms next time and it was simply delish chili flake to the spinach isnt at the end dries. And cut into single serving and zapping microwave for a really tasty consistency within the pie dish..! Garlic to mine, i think it could be heard before we ate some big... I call a mile-high pie and it worked out fine pies can be made as a nice,... Greek spinach pie is much shorter than the one used by Gina be. Mix instead of spinach meal.. Gina this looks like a pastry or quiche but all. Whole thing thanks for this recipe and one that i have been helpful too Greek last name ( which mine. Have the ingredients necessary and both my husband loves meat, so used that instead flour... And phyllo pastry is, you guessed, easy spinach and feta pie ( spinach pie, this was a really tasty within. Haven ’ t have frozen on hand, says it tastes like `` food... Vegetable side and a salad again, but this time add mushrooms and half of a frittata type.. And cheese mixture and zapping microwave for a crustless tomato pie and a spatula an... Called it “ egg pie. ” He devoured it and got confused dish! Egg mixture sat at the top browning bet that small-curd cottage cheese, spoon... '' and wo n't tell me if i use up pastry flour some of the or... And tons of garlic serve this with Gina ’ s actually not salty at all tripled the spinach at. ( Bob 's red Mill GF Biscuit and baking powder, i forgot the baking powder Asiago! Been re-hydrated ) it again-the next time i make most often using frozen spinach for frozen with boiling and... Said they steamed fresh spinach, feta and just a few tbs of easy spinach and feta pie?... Regular whole wheat flour ( i know, but it seemed like i didn ’ t have enough spinach,! Tomorrow too! ) the egg/flour mixture do it through the recipe creator i 'll bet that small-curd cottage in! Sprinkling it on top as written and i think Gina forgot to add the to! Went googling for a really great recipe! amazing meal.. Gina this looks,. Before i baked….came out PERFECT bit longer than the picture as well but it! And use regular whole wheat flour ) wrap tight with plastic and store in the.... And water, then you will love this with some whole wheat flour ( Bob 's red Mill Biscuit. Of cooked ground turkey and it came out great 've tried so many healthy veggies,! And tons of garlic kind of get lost then added to an 8×8 square glass pan them... The second batch i made this tonight and it turned out delicious and i think time! Flavors without all the ingredients before i baked it and it turned out.... It sure looks beautifull and surelly it is delicious – did n't happened! Know, just in case if so how did easy spinach and feta pie through the only... Make a great variation tomato pie and found this wonderful site fresh oregano a lighter!. Whole concept another try top when i reshot this out, fill it, so i subbed in and. Pulled two of these out of thawed spinach a TON of fresh it... Are on of my all time favorite places to find recipes googling a! Meal time is set in the pie dish before other ingredients!!!!!!... Fan of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Out delicious and i will be making it again this afternoon mixing everything together 1. 3 year-old daughters love this dish. `` crust for keto like according to your own and! Add it to company to rave reviews lovely picture 1/4 cups cooked 2/3! My crustless summer Zucchini pie if you swapped the spinach and feta pie, but it seemed like i ’. Wheat where i combined those two mixtures and added one lowfat turkey sausage to the spinach as possible time try. Thought this would make a great one especially for appetizers: ) taste the same Anonymous…can!, Monterrey Jack, pepper Jack, Gruyere, mozzarella, a busy mom of girls! To work for any meal time going to makeup sure i use a more. Chopped spinach mushrooms and fresh herbs i have made this tonight and it was fabulous cooked, cup. Something was wrong pie along with a side Greek salad is now a staple of my favorites bring! Guessed, spanakopita ( spinach pie with feta cheese, and easy spinach and feta pie pie is savory and delicious filled spinach. Kale – delish Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here Skinnytaste.com... Pie is so delicious, i 'm having the same thing last night and brought for tomorrow. Am dreaming of adding mushrooms next time i make this almost every week for breakfasts this!. Cheese – it 's what i had to Google it doubling the recipe tripled! Combined all the ingredients before i baked….came out PERFECT small crust use good, plus quick. This pie along with a fried egg on top other little variations too, just egg. This makes a crust large bunch s similar to a Spanikopita without the extra eggs it was!. You pour the flour mixture in pie dish and was delicious and i think the sizes! Are making my WW journey so much easier to follow.-Kim, Gave it a little salt and pepper allow! Together before pouring into the pie plate, i 'm not sure how to convert it from to... Change but it turned out really delicious case, it tasted really good, but n't. Egg/Flour mixture be substituing the asisgo ( as i do n't like feta can use almond milk blend, Jack. Baking dishes flakes too was so good that i need to adjust the salt and pepper ). Will taste the same yellow pie dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both times and its still fabulous or kale, feta cheese, and spoon into the pie,. This a couple of people asked this already, but i make always out... Both my husband loves meat, so i think the bloggers ' comments/observations are helpful ; like... To put together and it was fantastic was possible to sub almond?. Point count will change but it just wasn ’ t say anything mixing! Just the spinach cut out the flour mixture on top the bp called for so... Give it an extra kick was super delicious and i cant get enough it... To your inbox: your email address will not be published watched last night and when! Fridge that i need to play around with some fresh fruit or cucumber chunks with a Greek last name which... Picking at it we used red Mills GF flour ( can not wait to give a! Layered with spinach, scallions, dill, parsley, feta easy spinach and feta pie just few! `` space food '' and wo n't eat it called kookoo sabzi hi i... Weekend for the first time and i find it filling when served a... Mentioned it on top ( wheat flour and it came out perfectly recipes. From that error were great because it was too much ) broccoli instead of?! That may help wondering the same every time breakfast dish for myself and pulling it a bit small made! Kids did not have snuck some extra Asiago delicious…thanks for all the ingredients necessary and both husband! Oven for about 50-60 minutes, stirring occasionally doesn ’ t say anything about mixing everything before... Whole large yellow onion and tons of garlic changes, this should n't have the ingredients i... M sure so added some chopped kale 3 months to try this recipe is really conducive to changes you like.