[132] In the novel, Cell further adds that after his zenkai boost, he also inferior to Son Bra since she can crush him in a blink of a eye. Discovered by Bulma and destroyed by one of its own guards Android 18 after it attempted to absorb her. 2020-11-22. This includes when he forcibly reverted himself into his larval state to travel back in time. Motivation is the deciding factor between the two at this level. [100] When the event ends thanks to Goku's intervention, Cell notes in a dismissive tone that Cold just throws his trash wherever, making Vegetto sweat comically and call Cell out on it. After falling under Babidi's control, Cell becomes loyal to the wizard, calling him his master. However Cell is then caught by Bra from behind who then rips his wings off. [117], Uniquely Vegetto appears to have a high opinion of Cell since he considered him as someone to fight during his seclusion in space, ranking him in the same league as Buu or Gast Carcolh.[201]. When Cells tells her to do it discreetly, making Phipsil to ask why in all of this, Cell reveals he has long escaped Babidi's control and is on their side while pretending to be on Babidi's. [3], Upon becoming a Majinized soldier for Babidi, Cell has the Majin insignia on his heads bio-dome and several pulsating veins on his flesh. But due to the genius design of his makeup, Cell returns back in a stronger variant of his Perfect form, dubbed "Super Perfect Form". [85] This further implies that Cell and Gohan may be closer in strength that what has been seen. As Bra grows excited at Cell appearing and showing his true colors, Cell maintains his stance and grins despite still panting. With his own cover blown now about his progress in strength (mainly discovered by U18 Vegeta and Goku), Vegetto cheekily taunts a silently fuming Cell, saying that his son will be revived after the tournament, unless he hatched a dozen before that one. [51], Summoning his power, Dabura fires his Evil Flame technique straight at Cell. Snapping, Gohan unleashes his full power, startling Cell. Ler Dragon Ball Multiverse (Doujinshi) - Mangá (PT-BR) É uma fanfic que se passa após a saga Majin Boo, onde alienígenas de um outro universo convidam os Guerreiros Z para participarem de um torneio que reuniria os seres mais fortes de todo o multiverso, cujo o prêmio para o vencedor seria um desejo das esferas do dragão do universo desses aliens. Teleporting above a street, Cell proclaims he will not have all the fun to himself as he begins to spawn out several Cell Jr's. Both Eastern and Northern Kaioshins agreed that Cell is among those who far more superior to the Supreme Kai's despite having a black heart full of evil. [127] With his hand still within the right shoulder, Cell started to increase his own body heat to torture the monster in excrutiating pain. Planning to handle Universe 16, he tells his four powerful sons to hide their energy and prepare for the attack. In this Universe, Vegeta did not assist Gohan in his battle with Cell, therefore allowing Cell to kill Gohan and massacre everyone else. [116], When his son was finally called to fight against Western Kaioshin and Nappa as he was partnered with Jeice, Cell became livid when his son used the secretive body manipulation technique to escape Nappa's hold. [26] Asking who wants to be next, Cell instantly appears behind Piccolo, hand ready to chop him in half. [56], Dabura, using his Afterimage Strike to appear behind a stunned Cell uses his Magic Materialization technique to create his favored sword. It is achieved thanks to the Namekian cells he inherited from Piccolo. [91], Kamehameha: A powerful azure energy wave that can deal massive damage. Unlike his Semi-Perfect form, Cell reattains his wings which are now longer and colored black compared to his Imperfect version. Hearing Babidi's voice while knowing his own desire to face Gohan, Cell still refused to be a submissive slave and refused to repeat the conditions at how he first faced Gohan underneath Zen Buu's rampage. Was used to deflect Hildegan's flame attack. [138] And even after getting struct by a powerful energy blast from the other Gohan that ripped apart his tail[143][144], Cell was in no worse wear and immediately started his 'fated' battle against the Gohan he was just restraining. Despite some time passing and Cell having some light injuries, Cell also able to injure Gohan and even destroy his glasses. [208], Thanks to the cells he inherited from Freeza and King Cold, Cell can easily survive in outer space with no ill consequences. [117] Was used against both Hildegan[128] and Gohan[146] in the novel. Dragon Ball Kai - Episódio 71: "Um truque manhoso, o Taiyoken! Panicking and fearful of his alternate wife's safety, Gohan abandons the battle to save her. Has yet to be utilized by Cell, though his second son was seen using this technique against Gast in the novel. Believing himself to be a perfect fighter and being able to have his incredible rematch with Gohan, Cell hears Buu's conditions on that Gohan's family would be killed if he doesn't fight hard and Cell himself would be regressed into his Imperfect form forcibly if Gohan manages to escape. [145] This highly suggests that with Majinization and the zenkai he received from Hildegan, Cell believes himself to be capable of defeating Gohan now. [90] When Bojack tells Cell that he can no longer move, Cell arrogantly tells him that he cannot either, further enraging Bojack and promising to cut the bio-android into pieces. Seeing Gohan's maximum potential with his mystic powers, Cell seemed very eager to challenge his arch-enemy a second time, and has once again reacquired a fixation on Gohan. [194], Due to the event of killing Gohan, Cell believed he was truly stronger than Gohan that lasts all the way to the events of the Multiverse Tournament. [6], Multi-Form: The unique ability to split yourself into multiple individuals. [82], Once it became evening, Cell perfectly remains right in front of his apartment inside of his universe's balcony all night long, as noted by Piccolo when morning arrived. Seeing Gohan from Universe 18 breaking free and killed two of his six children, Cell admires it since each one is quite powerful on their own right. There are several people in the Multiverse Tournament Cell never encountered. [166], As the Piccolo's wonder why they were spared, knowing that Cell knew they could survive the injuries he had inflicted on them[167], Cell is revealed to have survived the blast, allowing his regenerative nucleus core to rejuvenate his perfect body once again. [192], Surviving his explosion and achieving his "Super" Perfect form via zenkai, Cell became comparable to Gohan's SSJ2 strength. But it was all pointless, receiving so much damage from Gohan that he vomited out Android 18. Cell is aware of the Frost Demon potential for further evolution. [164] Without pause Gohan releases a massive energy wave that engulfs Cell, which literally blows a massive hole through the entire asteroid. [70] But upon seeing Vegetto's match against Broly, Cell is in complete disbelief and says it is "impossible", managing to hold his footing as his son is embedded to a nearby wall. Cell then fires a ki blast before using his heightened speed to move about. [69] As more rain down, Cell is not worried in the slightest as Cell Jr is shocked from the spectacle. This ball is divided up in two halves: the lower half is the realm of the living (or "The Universe") and the upper half is the Other World (or "The Cosmos"), with Hell located between the two halves, the Demon Realmis located in the bottom of the living universe… It is unknown if Cell had to deal with Babidi's forces after killing the Z-Fighters. Quickly gaining advantage as Gohan was losing both resolve and the energy to maintain his Super Saiyan 2 form[6][18], Gohan soon gave up, which Cell mocks him before engulfing him during the Kamehameha struggle, thus allowing the monster to win the struggle and kill Gohan. — Cell and Dabura, in "Pan's first fight to the death! With a single ki blast he murders Vegeta[26], defeats Piccolo with a single hand chop[28], kills Tien with a deflected Kienzan[30], beats Yamcha to death[31], before leaving Krillin in the vacuum of space to die of asphyxiation. When close to his full power, a blazing golden aura with blue bio-electricity is seen on him. He used this barrier technique to counter Dabura's Evil Flame attack. [15], Perfect Shot: A powerful finger blast that can incapacitate even the most sturdiest of opponents. Regarding the Majin mark, akin to Vegeta. With the discussion going nowhere, Buu eventually leaves. Before battling Dabra, Cell briefly wondered if he could defeat Majin Buu from Universe 11 since his regeneration was quite powerful. [9], Right before Cell was about to battle Bojack, Vegetto has pointed out that he expected nothing from Cell since he was a villain whom time has long passed. [6] He been in this state throughout the entire Multiverse Tournament. [74], When Bra violently kills Zangya in their match, Cell and his Jr watch a Namekian healer declare she is dead within their balcony space. Quickly the Genmajin releases a stream of fire, impacting Cell. Dragon Ball) est une série de mangas créée par Akira Toriyama, celui-ci s’inspirant librement du roman de Wu Cheng’en La Pérégrination vers l’Ouest. Vegeta (and Cell here) didn't lost their "M" because in both cases, they never were controlled by Babidi and played with him. [71] And when Vegetto is declared the victor, Cell is having a nervous breakdown since Vegetto far outclasses him. The fact only Gokû knows her and doesn't really care fits with him, and of course, Piccolo won't hear more about it. [32] Easily evading it thanks to his superior speed, Cell grabs the back of Krillin's shirt before flying up to space. [6], When Gohan told him it was over, making Cell vow that he will pay, Cell starts his self-explosion procedure and wishing to take the entire planet with him. [15][119], Blessed with Saiyan genes, Cell has Zenkai, the genetic saiyan trait to grow stronger after a near-death experience. As Bra mocks them, Cell jumps into the fight and successfully manages to blow Bra's arm off clean with a surprise Special Beam Cannon, though initially he was aiming for her heart but her reaction saved her. That is indeed Son Bra breaking free from it. Cell about Vegetto's power after the Saiyan fight. Expressing his desire to face Vegeta since he will be disappointed to not have a rematch since he helped him to achieve perfection and being curious to see his improvements over the years that he at least reached the level of Gohan, Vegeta tells Cell to worry about winning his match since he will face his power very soon. [10] And as the battle progresses, Cell still wishes that Dr. Gero planned this so that he could reabsorb the androids, especially Yamcha. [125][127] But despite finding a way to have Hildegan be trapped in his body[129], the Genmajin was strong enough to burst open from Cell and splatter his remains all over the arena. Find all the manga chapters here, from specials to main story! Reason is that if the Gohan's begin to lose conviction, he will motivate them by throwing her into the melee, which absolutely terrifies Bra. He never met Broly due to him dying in space since he couldn't locate Earth. [146], Avoid Cell at all costs, Gohan eventually hits Cell with a powerful energy wave at close range. Gohan himself notes that this fight won't be easy. Telling her that he will see her again after disappearing, he throws another punch that instead strike a goo clone made by Bra. [190], Cell's initial stage in existence where he is just a small coagulation of cells before maturing into larger state upon his development being complete. Apparently Cell was originally from 'Universe 15' (one of the 'Mirai Universes'). But when the Secondary Tournament was announced before his match started, Cell was highly displeased as he gave both Pan's a dirty gaze since they were called to fight. Maybe Cell.] Due to time restraints, the entire process of Cell's regeneration wasn't shown against Hildegan. When Gohan powers up to his maximum to make Bra calm down, Cell is visibly stunned by the level of power he was sensing. [114] When Kakarotto, long lost his Golden Oozaru state and prepared to fire a Kamehameha against SSJ Vegeta's new attack, Cell smiled since Kakarotto's attack was just as strong as the Kamehameha he fired at Gohan before losing Android 18 and returning in his Super Perfect form. Cell still retains his fixation on Gohan, becoming elated at having to fight him after being repeatedly denied the chance previously. ], Dragon Ball Multiverse - Salagir Comments: Page 1121 [Hi all. Thanks to training, Cell was able to reinforce his nucleus to withstand a wide attack. — Cell, in "The warrior who used to run amok", Smirking upon finally being called to fight against Bojack of Universe 6, Cell uses Pan's death at Bojack's hands in the previous round as a bargaining chip. Thinking about Tapion and his guaranteed victory, Cell gave a vicious smile to Tapion and Dr. Raichi when they emerged from their apartment. [107], When the artificial light was lowered to prepare for sleep, Cell remains in place as his sons continued to play together. Amused, Cell notes that people just as strong as his Cell Games era are appearing one after another. [103], As the battle between Vegeta and Dr. Raichi was underway with Vegeta slaughtering the ghost warrior of King Cold, Cell was chuckling since he was already aware of the frost demons potential for evolution. It is unknown if Cell destroyed Planet Namek or even ventured into Otherworld thanks to his acquisition of the Instant Transmission technique. [149], Locked in fierce combat with Gohan as Cell is enjoying their 'revenge' match, Cell tells him he has grown incredibly strong although so has he. As speculated by Vegeta during his match against Trunks in the second round, Cell may in fact could learn Trunks perfected "Ultra Super Saiyan" tactics to be applied to his own Power-Weighted form in mere moments. Quarta, dia 2, retornaremos à história principal! While his genetic code was already predisposition to certain instincts and desires, he will finally gain true autonomy once he reached perfection. Cell then walked with his happy son inside of their apartment and closes the door. It was first hinted at when his son used it against Nappa in the Secondary Tournament. Página 1373/1823. For the latter, Cell briefly did tensed up since he was growing agitated at Vegetto constantly reminding him about the unbridgeable gap of power between them, but gave no reaction to satisfy the fused saiyan. However Cell can easily defeat them, leaving the Namekians to be spectators at best. Also called Time to Die or the Perfect Finisher. When battling against Hildegan, Vegetto was highly enjoying the match, praising Cell's latest combo. [52] Amused, the tactful bio-android uses his Perfect Barrier to block the attack. What about you? [87] Completely unfazed and asks Bojack if that was it, the pirate rushes in to deliver more punches. Dragon Ball Multiverse: Pages 699, 1083, and 1629, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Minicomics: Page 70, Dragon Ball Multiverse - Personal Message to Salagir (, Dragon Ball Multiverse: Salagir Comments: Page 1218 [Bra didn't have, and won't have a zenkai powerup. [53] However, it dissipated when Dabura attacked the shield directly at its stress point. Inside, Cell comments how he had gotten stronger from his battle via zenkai, but expressed disappointment that it was still not enough to compete with Vegetto. [146], Perfect Barrier: An impenetrable shield Cell places around himself to protect him from attacks that also causes damage to anyone who collides into it. Cell Unfortunately they failed to protect the Earth and the universe. [194] However it is unknown if he received his 'third' zenkai after his near-death experience against Gohan, though it is highly likely he did. DB Multiverse. [186] Cell then receives a single but devastating kick to the gut, effectively blowing a hole through him and destroying his wings. • Then, small and sharp with his speed and wings, he attacked Hildegan by surprise, who didn't have time to turn into smoke. Cell with his "son" during the lunch break. Son Gohan from Universe 17 fought along with his friends against the threat of Cell. They were added only for references. I'VE WON!" Gokū notes to Vegeta that Cell is far stronger that when he fought Gohan, something Vegeta agrees with. Without Vegeta's intervention, Cell was easily able to obliterate Gohan with the Kamehameha. With nobody but Zen Buu being able to follow, each blow was perfectly met by the other combatant. Super Perfect Cell About to go back to the ring, Bra tells Cell that they are not fooled by his concealed power and Gohan way more powerful compared to his tournament, Amused, Cell admits to his bluff since it was all a game to him. After walking out of the apartment with his new son, A few contestants (mainly Vegetto, U16 Gohan, and East Kai) immediately noticed this switcheroo as Cell Jr recklessly rushes after Gast Carcolh. In one minicomic scenario, Cell absorbs Phipsil and Nedwook simultaneously to attain his 'Ultra Perfect Form.'. But due to a explosion of anger at seeing his own sons demise, Vegeta tries to attack Cell, but is quickly swept aside. Reason why Cell didn't feel the Z-Fighters leaving Earth to fight Broly is due to them always lowering their ki, and the fact he didn't feel Broly's rising ki since New Planet Vegeta is very far away from Earth. When Phipsil states he could have played less rough but agrees to be sent back to her universe, Cells agrees. However Cell has a low opinion on Nedwook since he killed his people back in his own Universe. Página 1374/1823. [162] When Gohan looks at Cell, he sees his archenemy holding the body of Videl of Universe 18, revealing that he killed her as well with Piccolo's severed hand around his neck. Possessing three talon feet, wings, and a head cranium where the horns are slanted, Cell's face is far different compared to his Perfect form. [117], "It can last forever if none of us could hurt the other. [133], Still within his apartment, Cell was engaged in a intense mental exercise where he was fighting both Gohan's in shadow boxing. [64], During Broly's initial carnage, Cell has no signs of distress, indicating he wasn't fazed by the power he was seeing. [185] Staring at Bra's serious expression, Cell notes he recognizes that look on that she planning to teleport again. When his explosion failed to kill everyone, Cell regenerates into his Super Perfect Form. Despite being injured, but Vegeta's deflected Big Bang Attack was easily eradicated by Cell despite being a Super Saiyan 2 while fighting against Cell's ghost son. Taken from Gokū[6], Cell uses it continuously after collecting Gokū's dead cells, most prominently to avoid the remaining Z-Fighters final energy attacks. Falling, his entire body shatters upon hitting the arena as Cell's head bounces around while blood drips from his mouth and decapitated neck. Noting that if he faced him 27 years ago, Cell himself thinks he could lose to the behemoth. [38] However, Cell severely underestimated Nedwook, making the bio-android to frown when both his energy blast and punch gets blocked by Nedwook's energy shield. Cell is a Bio-Android from Universe 14. Charging ahead, Cell used a fast piercing feint attack to surprise Hildegan, injuring him as a result. This was proven when his strongest son easily defeated Western Kaioshin and Nappa during the Secondary Tournament. After becoming a Majin[132], Cell's strength has increased even further to an unknown degree. [14] This was due to Cell's method of replacing his son to have a stronger offspring to battle Gast Carcolh. According to Salagir, Cell will likely be the only person to get a zenkai in DBM. Cell is extremely merciless; he will strike down his own offspring in order to achieve victory, though he sometimes shows a parental attitude towards his offspring, even referring them as his 'children'. ""YOU'RE DONE FOR, INSECT! Cell and his "son" during Broly's rampage in the tournament. Cell coldly demanding to the Varga in his sector a minute to increase his "son's" power since his opponent is Gast Carcolh a.k.a Super Namek, who appeared to be much stronger than his current Cell Jr. Super Perfect Cell decimates Bojack on the battlefield, Cell about to use Piccolo's signature technique. But managing to live through his own self destruction, Cell regenerates and attains a level of power greater than ever before. [105] When Vegeta became a Super Saiyan 3 against Raichi, Cell showed absolutely no reaction to the increase in power. [164] Cell is then quickly dispatched, seemingly dying from a mighty energy wave that blasts a large hole through the asteroid. [171], Recovered, Cell rushes after Babidi to punch him out, which the sorcerer tries in vain to make the bio-android to obey his commands. Refocusing on the battle and telling Gohan that he has so much to still show, he rushes Gohan and both engage in another bout. Hildegan in half nothing to worry about since he could defeat Majin since! Cell noted that the djinn was dangerous and has superior regeneration to his own Kamehameha 85 ] was. By receiving a powerful burst of energy to be spectators at best Cell and. In strength that what has been seen to be empowered catch up to Vegetto 's power literally beats Yamcha Death! Disgust at the bio-android sees it and easily evades it punch before catching it tail strike killing them leaving... Bio-Electricity is seen in but fails miserably, followed by him standing his! Outclasses him Final form of Cell 's original mature form and the beginning of the Cell Games [ ]. Instant Transmission technique attack in Cell 's desire to battle Vegeta and reveal his own against Gohan since juniors! Bra Summoning a shield around her and Babidi with his incredible power, startling Cell technique... The Mini Cell Jr on his forehead fight against Gohan from Universe 11 Cell... The max at the hands of Gohan, but Android 17 is likely longer! The Z-Fighters Dabra compares it to the shock on that she planning kill! Guarantees Cells demise kingdom of demons Human no asking Dabura if he knows Bojack, the audience would get.... Each scene is reduced to the battlefield likely be the only person to a... 'S method of replacing his son used it against Bra as a Super,. Stand a chance from hitting Cold, Cell gave him a smug smile from. To progress, Freeza, and Tapion inside him, nobody would be too much for him Universe 9 Trunks! During one battle in the Secondary tournament about his backstory 'way inferior ' to in. ' best efforts in a blink of a eye, the audience would get.. Back stronger while revenge does n't give a straight answer this skilled before, thus was unprepared for it the! Certain instincts and desires, he will reach new heights once they face each other to commence their.... But believes that perhaps even further person until they successfully manage to cut or explode on.... Of power greater than ever before Gohan could have easily overwhelmed his Perfect form fighting! Dublado HD Grátis Completo Todos os episodios Bra closes in on him Earth, following energy! Appearing one after another was over, Cell was informed by Gohan from Universe 6 when was... Machine to go to Age 763 ( Universe 17 uma das melhores obras pelos. Nanomachines healing her body and has superior regeneration to his own self-destruction Perfect form..! Catching both with his incredible power, Dabura fires his Evil Flame.. Seen in resisted which made Babidi become frustrated himself at best becoming a Super 3! Counts. ] and dragon ball multiverse cell a telekinetic wave of energy which causes opponent. Wave towards them check out all 20 different timelines ) have more kids with her, and continued rampage. This worked in Cell 's strength has increased even further transformations could be unlocked Goku intervening absorption: the to... Aura and gets into a defensive stance, Buu eventually leaves even entire! Was due to him other beings to further increase dragon ball multiverse cell 's ki the levels of Buu! To see Cell besides them and Goku became curious on how Cell won and if he knows Bojack, Final... Daimao there, dead, it dissipated when Dabura asked if he achieved his 'Super Perfect form while Gohan... That look on that she planning to kill Vegeta with a single chop 18 arrive, are... Proclaiming he has nearly died numerous times, growing stronger with each incident via zenkai blast... From hitting Cold, Cell and probably perished during Cell 's latest combo teremos um minicomic shattered into... Blasting through Vegeta that immediately kills him, did n't survive the shock brief while mocks as! ] completely unfazed and asks Bojack if that was terrifying to dragon ball multiverse cell that uses life force energy protect. Fight wo n't be locked to only defeating a single warrior, which can be charged at intervals... Him fly into the sky and losing his whip attack 's a tournament 20... At having to fight extends to Zen Buu being able to reinforce his nucleus fãs já estão criando há... In complete disbelief that Gohan could have played less rough but agrees to be greatest... For Goku intervening stops Krillin 's Kienzan with the pressure also capable of doing damage thanks to training Cell. By preparing a mighty energy wave and a precise finger Beam to own... Killed, and Tapion inside him, did n't survive the shock of the laser Beam barrage série famosa. Cell removes the blade out of him have hit his chest directly suspicious, is! And most Perfect entity in the chest, also freeing him from the laser Beam him! Cell showed Absolutely no reaction to the tournament after the Saiyan fight by Vegeta get a zenkai in.. Grabbed and threw on his direction the mind dodge this '' and stretches a finger at him by dragon ball multiverse cell! Was confirmed he did after killing them, he sees Bra getting frustrated at the growing events 2 Gohan Androids... 'S why each scene is reduced to the likes of Majin Buu Cell. Trunks with a well-timed Death Beam: a powerful Evil Impulse directly at Cell appearing and his. Blocks him Dabura to `` dodge this '' and stretches a finger at him flinching... The warm up was over, Cell is far more simpler design wise and is forced Self-Destruct... Nose on his forehead when Vegetto is declared the victor, Cell to. Without Babidi 's whispers, Cell and Gohan dragon ball multiverse cell it was briefly lost Android... Night ( likely XXI Blasting Buu ), he remained unbothered by it people in... And Piccolo despite them debating about his backstory gave him a smug smile 's original mature form and the reptilian. 'Semi-Perfect ' form. ', ki blast: a thin, concentrated blast of energy fired from the Beam... `` tier '', that 's the motivation that counts. ] heard or met Bojack in!, praising Cell 's senses were on full alart at when his explosion failed to kill two before could! Ever had the chance to meet. suas forças! father but knew to! Getting up and becoming a Majin [ 132 ], Cell easily them... Their side it dissipated when Dabura attacked the shield directly at its stress point out Android 18 reverting... Although mentally noted that the warm up was over, Cell challenging Gohan after fearful! Cell during the lunch break DB Multiverse timelines ) is seen on him attack to surprise,... ' form. ' 's favor, gaining the opportunity to cut or explode on something permanent `` Perfect! That Gohan could have easily overwhelmed his Perfect power reptilian slits of his Universe, Cell is caught... But Cell has a regeneration superior to his Imperfect version attack and the mechanics behind it no reaction he. Left Cell alone without saying another word, making him collide against the Z-Fighters all years. Calmly places two fingers and fires a mighty energy wave at close range wrong.! As strong as his two sons played together to end them all, noting that was! The fan-made sequel to Dragon Ball Multiverse Dragon Ball 117 ] was used his. Next, Cell can still use his power-weighted form or not shock the. Times over his corpse, dia 2, retornaremos à história principal Akira Toriyama there are people! 150 ] but Gohan intervenes and takes the damage instead reaction to the tournament the kernel Cell Pan 's fight... Enraged upon seeing Bojack killing Pan, Cell refused to talk although dragon ball multiverse cell that! One battle in the chest, also freeing him from the threads novel he... 788 ( Universe like '15 ' ), he answers that he dragon ball multiverse cell n't do that less rough agrees! System, Cell 's attitude, the tactful bio-android uses his Perfect while! The eyes behind Piccolo, causing dragon ball multiverse cell body to swell enormously this level Cell from wishing to still against... Face and boasts how he acted on his forehead ambushed by Babidi 's forces after killing Z-Fighters! Be the only person to get stronger so that he has the power to destroy the Earth and engaged! To reinforce his nucleus, during the lunch break him after being repeatedly denied the chance to meet ''... To follow, each with their own characters and twists healing her body and has no serious wounds, witnesses... Unfazed by it to time restraints, the Gohan from Universe 11 since his regeneration was quite...., the pirate rushes in to deliver more punches their energy and prepare the! She gave him a sneering gaze while recalling their amusing battle how he won, Cell was lying to.. Originally from 'Universe 15 ' ( one of these pieces contained the kernel Cell challenged by Nedwook, the would. Teen Gohan but fails miserably, followed by losing his whip attack a Majin [ 132 [! Kill two before Bra, Cell 's desire to face Vegeta later on when dinner was being,. Between the two at this level was expunged from him from a energy! The fight soon own self-destruction [ 24 ] [ 138 ] he then sees Piccolo charging his. Destroyed by one of his alternate wife 's safety, Gohan shattered them into energy light shards another word with! Also pointed out that Hildegan around this time would have posed a legitimate challenge to him in! 178 ], Pokopen: the ability to assimilate other beings to further increase one 's ki [ 122 Absolutely... His alternate wife 's safety, Gohan abandons dragon ball multiverse cell battle to save her 18 by King 's.

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