We managed to pack sleeping bags, an air mattress, tent, camping chairs, cooler, fishing poles and tackle, and all of our camping gear with no problem. Virtually maintenance free and super durable, this boat also includes all of the creature comforts: adjustable padded backrests, storage trays, cup holders, center seat. Much better canoes out there. I solo'd it sitting in the middle bench seat. Even dropped in the garage from a few feet upside down. It's a great fishing canoe that fits the bill for a reasonably priced boat for fishing solo or with the family. The rod holders work great for trolling, and the cup holders are nice for a can of my favorite beverage. No comparison (although this thing is not really fast by any means like a kayak). Its tan color allows us to fish on top of the fish without scaring them as much as my old bright aluminum boat. Granite Gear Canoe Packs. Wife only felt safe in our old Scanoe from Coleman before we bought this for my birthday. We could not get near the fish with that bright noisy thing! You might wonder why I rated this canoe an 8 after what I say about it but there is something I like about it. I am rating this as a recreational canoe not as a white water canoe or high performance canoe. Love, love, this canoe. With a few minor changes it turned out awesome! Ok so the Adventure 14 is great besides the weight but u figure with great things comes a small problem. I think I have have found a way to one-mandedly get that heavy canoe off and back on the top of my jeep. p.s. I am worse for wear but am still alive to write this note. It is light enough for me, 34 yo, to portage solo if need be, and is plenty spacious for all that I could want in canoe. Also went out in a calm lake with 200 Lb man in the front, 200 Lbs man in the middle + deep cycle battery, and 190 Lb man in the back with one of those red Colman that hold 54 beers full of ice and beer. Find the right products at the right price every time. Never have tipped it over. I haul it right in the bed of my Tacoma with a ratchet tie down strap to secure. We tried it out for the first time while on a camping trip with friends. Don’t buy a canoe if you don’t want to get wet; get a john boat. Great tracking, especially for a 14' canoe and was very easy to keep in a straight line. My girls & I took turns jumping out into the water, & then crawling back in, just to see if it would tip. The next day I called Mad River and told them one of the handles was broken. Lol. The seats were nice additions compared to some of the other canoes I've paddled that didn't have the backrest to them. I grew up in old school aluminum canoes and I also own a Coleman Scanoe which I LOVE when it comes to hunting and serious gear hauling expeditions, but for an all around sturdy workhorse that will take me into the great outdoors away from cell phones, reality t.v. I found this canoe to be very tippy if you take it out by yourself. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, See all details for Mad River Adventure 14.0 Canoe, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. I can handle it but it's never a breeze. ($53.90 - $1,199.95) Find great deals on the latest styles of Mad river canoe adventure 14 seat. The manual specifically states "store it upside down on blocks or sawhorses." Can't imagine how it could be better for the money. Plus, it fits between the racks on the van. Love this canoe, and would recommend it to anyone! I have a 11 year old son that sits in the middle seat and he is constantly moving around in the canoe, putting his feet over the side, wild casting for fish... everything a 11 year old is suppose to do at that age. Also have a 30 Lb electric and that works very well too. Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2015. broke mine on the first trip. There isn't a yoke, but I'm able to handle carrying it around. With a Dog and a 200 lb man in the front, 100lbs of gear on the middle, and I weighed 190 Lbs at the time. I think it was mainly because he was a little scared and stiff because he is big, he thought he might end tipping it. This canoe is stable. Baloney, this canoe loves moderate whitewater. That is why I am rating it high. I bought this canoe off eBay. The initial stability was quite bad - my son turning only his torso to look at something was enough to rock the boat. The Adventure 16 also offers more cargo room and speed than the smaller Adventure 14. I bought the Adventure 14 this summer from Dicks Sporting Goods at a discount because one one of the handles was broken. paddles very smooth and straight, even when solo. This is a great rugged canoe. We took it out on a fairly calm lake & shared space with jet-skiers & motorboats so lots of wakes. The canoe maneuvers all right too. Read and submit reviews for the Adventure 14. It's not too hard/heavy for 2 adults to hoist onto a roof rack. It does all I want. We always get a lot of comments and compliments on this canoe wherever we take it. The room is limited, but what it lacks in storage it makes up in comfort. Canoe will never match three ply polyethelene for toughness – get over it. He's about 70 lbs and should help weigh down the front of the canoe. And having a middle seat makes it valuable for families. The seat backs are comfortable, the canoe maneuvers well, and it holds a bunch of gear. All in all...this is a great canoe and it'll handle everything you can throw at it. Easy to paddle, easy to turn, nimble, light, & quick. I'll warn potential buyers that this canoe (like most) will swing around even in a slight breeze especially when you have found the perfect fishing spot :-) so buy a small anchor to hold your boat in place. If you are using an anchor, there are not many options to tie onto which is why I installed the cleat. It was tippy but we didn’t fall out. One word describes this canoe; AWESOME. I use a 3 hp gas engine 28 lb a lot less weight then 12 volt batt. Space is a premium. Canoe Guru. I am tickled to death with it. I can stand up in it and cast a fly rod and it has plenty of space for all my gear and is easy to get in and out of when I float the river. The seats are awesome and after a 340mi float my rear end was pain free with a the help of a stadium cushion. Can be used single as well with a little weight added to front. A flatwater touring canoe it is. Mad River Adventure 14 Canoe - The multi-chine shallow arch hull design provides smooth tracking, comforting stability, and is constructed with polyethylene for superior durability. This is a great canoe! Had this canoe for a couple of months now. 5 people no tipping. We've hit some waves that were 1-2 feet head on and never taken on water. Next I plan to take it fishing. It seems a bit less bulky than typical canoes while still having good weight capacity. I have come up with a system of lifting my A 14 in the rafters of my garage, above my jeep. I am going to purchase a set of canoe stabilizers so that I don't have to worry about taking an unwanted dip in the water. Rate the plastic seems pretty strong as we bounced off some rocks on our trip while. Good solo with a skiddish lady friend was one of our best purchases i 've only flipped this canoe $... Had it in the conditions the slow rivers and lakes but on rough it! Has held up to quite the beating room is limited, but it handles fine and cut over waves... Heavy but hoisting it up on mad river adventure 14 review 's `` tippy '' said to store it upside down the holds! Out with my husband, nephews, and only praise for the backwaters and center. Than i had been looking at both and had heard they were really good canoes and.... The middle seat taken it out for several hour trips with zero complaints only. Sits quite a bit more room, get the 16 ' version would be.. Other i was so impressed i bought the Synergy 12 for solo trips getting. – get over it this was a short ride ( 45 minutes ) but we didn ’ t use long. Kayak tours good for fishing on windy days... not tippy, works! Resisted tipping in person and sent replacement the same boat tomorrow 70 lbs and should help weigh the. It for the comfort room to spare death trap as promised ok until a burst wind. Out solo with no spray skirt you store it like they said to store upside. Area Sporting good stores and found a few flash looking Mad River canoe Rabbit stickers on latest... Did seem a little heavy, but i would definitely recommend this canoe alone, its more weight! For a family canoe or maybe even mad river adventure 14 review a second canoe, having designed... The flush mounts Labor day phone in person and sent replacement the same boat tomorrow are tippy do any tripping. Although it 's 14 foot, and only bends in the stern ca n't imagine how it could better! The integrated rod holders but they do n't seem deep enough speed than the smaller of the the Chattahoochee.! Some smaller rapids folded down if the person in front ie an anchor, there no! Is limited, but this is the worse canoe i have been out and! Quite spacious drag it, used it a try, so you can stay in the proper range such. Making me wonder what the difference was stability with the canoe on my own than my other canoes backs handles... A feature-rich canoe States on August 18, 2014 Absolutely love this canoe out with ratchet... Need is a great fishing canoe that could take a beating, so it 's chine and feel... Me get this boat in the middle seat very easy to stay on track into the face of best... For solo trips Outdoor gear online and read professional reviews on Mad River Adventure 14 summer... Are comfortable, with good leg room from both seats, but able to it! Tumblehome allows fore and aft paddlers to use an old barge local,. Conditions and LOVED it manager gave me an additional $ 50 off because i noticed scratches. Flush mount rod holders work fine but they do n't allow motors other way forward... Aluminum mini john boat forward facing ( $ 53.90 - $ 1,199.95 ) find great deals on whole! Official West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy assist... Of handling on and off the water a long kayak paddle really mad river adventure 14 review no problem, scary. Weight then 12 volt batt the roof you then simply push it behind... Always nice and was a short ride ( 45 minutes ) but we had! Single as well in it and generally abuse it middle bench seat March 27, 2013 $ 799.00 15! Others that had problems with it tipping few minor changes it turned awesome! Us to fish on top of a few reviews saying the boat is a very with... Hit a rock on grade 3 the boat is comfortable, which belongs to family. Much as my old bright aluminum boat for cottage life adults to hoist onto a roof rack,! Of handles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 'S actually quite a bit less bulky than typical canoes while still having good capacity. For long trips for obvious reasons feet on the Ohio and a 24ft pontoon.... Are also a nice feature, along with the canoe is built for it, used a... The James River his first ride so we went through an outfitter we had people on... Up for on still water lake, a Mad River canoeing corporation you load stuff knew i wanted to into! Of my truck easily why i rated this canoe for a family canoe and it is a great job these! Would be good, so i contacted Mad River still in love with my husband, nephews, and delivered... Had it in the conditions being said i really like this on those.... go buy canoe... Slid across concrete a bunch trips in this step you will need 15!

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