Last year's vines didn't last water weaning. We are using water right now. Yeah! We have a permanent population of blue morning glories. If anyone knows what this is if it not moonflower, please let me know. Spectacular! On Apr 16, 2008, CurtisJones from Broomfield, CO (Zone 5b) wrote: From your friends at Botanical Interests: Moonflower is an annual 10'-20' vine, related to Morning Glories. In June, I uncovered and moved the pot to our deck where I had set up a trellis against the railing, with south-east exposure. The one that had two flowers has taken on a life of its own. My mom had hers where they got sun from morning till afternoon, then they were shaded from the hottest evening sun by the house and trees. We all live in the same area of northwest Mississippi. It doesn't start blooming until august or september when I plant it so late. I planted it in the ground and the vine grew, but absolutely no blooms. It had not set seeds yet. Fertilize regularly with half-strength high-phosphorus fertilizer during the blooming season. It has beautiful heart-shaped green leaves and large (5-8 inch diameter), fragrant, blooms that open in the evening and close in the morning. They were definetely a part of the same plant! But, boy was it rewarding. While browsing, weeding my flower bed in early spring, I carefully lift the volunteers seedlings, and planted them where I've some means for them to climb on. These spectacular flowers unfurl from cone-shaped buds as the sun goes down and on some cloudy days. I've transplanted to a large pot at the bottom of my deck and so far have 1 vigorous climber and 1 hopeful, 1 not doing much at all. My back garden has lots of morning sun (facing east) and afternoon sun (facing south). It is a very strong, lush vine and the flowers are huge and they have a really great scent. Has anyone had luck with it in the shade? I hope this was helpful to everyone. I may have as many as thirty blooms in an evening, and the fragrance is wonderful. I've planted seeds already and am waiting for them to come up. You can actually watch these blooms open. I had got a grown plant last year in a clay pot of 12 inched. It is easy to save seed, and the large purplish pods that hang throughout the late summer are an attractive addition to the display. I bought a pack of seeds (lasted two years) and soaked them in wet paper towels on a plate until they sprouted. Seeing that first flower was splendid!! I try to harvest the seeds when I can but majority of the time I have better luck just buying them from the store every year. The plants take a while to set flowers so make sure to start them early enough. On Jul 8, 2016, moonflower1776 from Youngstown, OH (Zone 5b) wrote: The Moonflower vine (10-30 feet in length) is very easy to grow from seed (with a few helpful tips) and requires little maintenance, however, it can be "fussed" over as much as desired. On Oct 19, 2008, Mellynuss from Edinburg, TX wrote: Fellow tropical gardeners (Zone 10) -- The leaf is long and narrow and looks very much like a dandilion leaf, but the leaf is not as wide. It likes moist soil that isn't soggy. I'm going to go try giving it some Miracle Grow-- I guess if it's doing well without any maintenence it could do better with some nutrients! Germinated within several weeks, which inclulded temps ranging from 25 to 75 deg.,sun, rain, snow and sleet. There are NO seeds in this seed packet. Ipomoea alba is a fast-growing vine native to the Americas, which has been widely introduced across tropical and subtropical regions of the world where it has become naturalized and invasive.Once naturalized, this species behaves as an environmental weed with the potential to outcompete native plant species for nutrients, water and sunlight. Wonderfully fragrant enormous blooms at night, they smell like gardenias except more subtle. Evening Glory Moonflower Ipomoea Alba Annual Full sun 20 feet tall 8 feet wide Beautiful vines add amazing drama to a garden, particularly a garden room with tall walls.This fast growing vine is quick to cover a fence, trellis or garden structure where support is provided. I am in awe every night it blooms. I store them in regular paper envelopes (marked with the plant's name) in a cardboard shoebox so they can "breathe," and keep the shoebox in... read more a dry spot like a pantry or closet. I can't find out how to do it. I sure didn't get a lot of blooms though. A gift from the grave if you will. On Nov 3, 2007, 60_wings from Salisbury, NC wrote: Two years ago I bought a moon vine plant from a local nursery and planted it around a bluebird house on a 4x4. Huge, delicately fragrant flowers, more than 4 inches across, open during evenings and bloom all summer. I got a lot of helpful info from here, being that I'm new to gardening. I've had to start them in peat pots to avoid this. I've teamed them up with other varieties like the Tricolour and Grandpa Otts. On Jun 19, 2007, lightningbug from Buffalo, MN wrote: Lightning bug in Rockford, MN One grouping I have up against my garage (about 5 stalks coming up from the one, big root) had 22 blooms in one night! WOW! Growth: Provide plenty of water while the vines are growing to support healthy foliage, but do not drown. I now live in California and have planted seeds on the south side of my house to help provide shade when it's hot. I had 11 blooms last night, and I absolutely love them. The seeds took longer than expected to sprout, i even put them in water overnight. Once I had some attack a seed that had barely germinated....ate the seedling before it even got out of the seed pod! Easy to grow, these are one of the few morning glory type vines that will handle the high heat & humidity of Florida (I don't have luck with any other varieties from seed). Chao! On Sep 23, 2007, Morticia911 from Ludington, MI wrote: I have a plant similar that my father called a moonflower, but it grows more like small tree...than a vine. All of our seeds are non-GMO and safe for you and your family. I don't understand why this happened, but don't pull the plant with different leaves! I urged them to pull it up, thinking it had to be a weed, but they left it to see what it might be. It grows very quickly, although the flowers only last one day and night, the blooms come nonstop, and profusely. I started the seeds inside very early to give them a head start(Feb or March). Morning glory has come back the next year but I have never had moonflower do this. I got them from my Aunt, who has them growing wild in her yard. Is it like the other ones? The late afternoon/evening display of fragrant blossoms is tremendous. On Jul 25, 2003, suncatcheracres from Old Town, FL wrote: I have grown this plant from seed for the past five years both in pots and in the ground, and in the Atlanta area (zone 7b) and Northcentral Florida (zone 8b.) The leaves of the vine are also attractive. In spite of all the information about it doing best in full sun, they seem to do better in part sun in Singapore. On Jun 30, 2008, ricoandlilysmom from Cedar Lake, IN wrote: Ipomoea alba.........what a romantic beauty! I have had 100% germination success and let vines trail along top of fence. It is such a fascinating plant, and it is hardy in zone 5A. I set this outside (southern exposure), covered it with Reemay to keep the birds, etc. Co-Planting: Moonflowers make a beautiful backdrop for roses (if they have something they can climb on behind the row of rose bushes; allow at least one foot of space). I usually have little sprouts in 5 days. Extremely fast grower, completely covered a 12 foot section of my boardwalk from top to bottom, then clambered along the fence. Flowers for garden, bringing shades of beauty to your world! I do have to prune this back every spring and sometimes at the end of summer too. Ipomoea alba ingestion has been studied in mice and has been shown to have some mildly toxic effects. I grow this vine at the end of my driveway on a picket fence in heavy clay soil. I deadhead the spent blooms the following morning, and when I have let them go (like gone for vacation), there are considerably less new blooms (but isn't that true for most flowering plants:)). Its very nice though and fast growing. Another vine makes its way up an old clothesline post. Any advice most welcome! A toothpick pushed into the ground just next to the seedling stem will prevent cutworms from encircling it, and crumpled up, dried egg shells sprinkled around seedlings will usually prevent snails and slugs getting to them--the shells cut up their soft bottoms. You'll enjoy watching the beautiful flowers open quickly in the late afternoon. They have had no problem overtaking the trellace that I purchased, and are now reaching for the bedroom window! Vines are exceptionally vigorous growing to a length of twenty feet. Cover with waxed paper, NOT cling film, as that will suffocate the seeds. On Oct 21, 2004, redhairedgirl from Walls, MS (Zone 8a) wrote: My Mom got these seeds from a friend of my daughter-in-law. I've lived in north-central Indiana now for thirty-five years, and plant Moonflower seeds about every year. I find that they need a lot of sun and warmth. I pray that I get a couple of flowers this year which will help me to feel a little closer to home. After planting every seed in the package, I was surprised to have almost all of them quickly sprout. I 've never had to save and plant the seeds or fertilize. After the seedlings are big enough to survive cutworms, etc. They go crazy here. If all goes well I will have moonflower mania this summer. On Aug 19, 2003, PaisleyPat from Minneapolis, MN wrote: I started Moonflower Vines seeds indoors 8 weeks before last frost here in Minneapolis, Minnesota (U.S.) and planted them out in full sun on June 1. I also suggest feeding it regularly in it's first weeks of life to give it a good start. Hopefully both will vine down the fence and onto the shrubs below...maybe! If anyone knows of any other vines that bloom at night and aren't poisonus to animals ( i have 2 cats and a dog) I would like to know I am looking for other plants to grow other than the ones I do now which includes 2 types of jasmine, evergreen wisteria, potato vine, angel trumpet vine and occasionally morning glory and sweet pea. I know they will perform! Try putting and old rag over them and hitting them lightly. It has been a delicate process, a lot of learning! The next morning, take a water-proof tray with a slight lip and line the tray with two paper towels (for thickness). On Nov 9, 2007, dburney from Kerrville, TX wrote: great plant! Then I put each sprout in a little peat pellet. Grow some along a fence with Datura inoxia at the base for some nighttime activity. tall. Amazingly I bought the seeds from England! Please note - Moonflower seeds are toxic to animals and humans if large quantities are ingested. This vine can become an invasive plant in certain areas of the country where it is a perennial vine. I have seen that even though all info on this plant says full sun, my plants start to wither and droop until 1pm when then its covering in shade. I planted maybe 4-6 seeds directly in the ground under a 4ft fence and had as many as 50 blooms at one time! Id also like to find the vine variety. You need the rag because they are so hard they shoot off in some direction when struck. I try to harvest the seeds when I can but majority of the time I have better luck just buying them from the store every year. Something came up beside one of the pots and I thought it had reseeded from last year because it also had heart shaped leaves too, so I started it up the arch but suddenly it seems to be a stronger vine and the leaves changed and are kind of pointed with a little part jutting out each side; I guess kind of like a maple. From july onwards this vine comes to its own. That is a toxic plant that's a noxious weed here, and in my state its planting is illegal. Took a while for it to start blooming, but when it did, it went nuts! But it is so beautiful that I would be willing to take up a sunny trellis with it. I have several plants in pots already this year and place them in my window with the morning sun. Before planting I soak the seeds overnight and clip just a little bit of the seed off with dog nail trimmers. But am enjoying the beautiful greenery and will certainly pursue if we're not successful with blooms this time. I first started growing it on a chainlink fence and then 3 years ago I upgraded and built a huge arbor that it grows up every year with other vines that I grow. Soaked them, planted them in the ground with waiting trellis! They are about 3ft. Filing/cracking never worked for me, sadly. If collecting the seeds yourself they do not need to be stratified over winter or before planting. I grew mine in part sun. In morning opened blooms wilt. Grow Moonflower from fresh Ipomoea alba flower seeds. On Apr 15, 2004, foodiesleuth from Honomu, HI (Zone 11) wrote: I love the moonflower vine and we have been growing them for years. I plant I. tricolor and I. alba together in a prominent spot, near a kitchen window, where the perfume of the moonflower wafts inside during the evening. Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater, Grow outdoors year-round in hardiness zone, From seed; germinate in a damp paper towel, Self-sows freely; deadhead if you do not want volunteer seedlings next season, Collect seedhead/pod when flowers fade; allow to dry, Allow pods to dry on plant; break open to collect seeds, Allow seedheads to dry on plants; remove and collect seeds. They don't bother them once they get bigger. We have tried different remedies that have taken their toll on the plant, along with the pesky bugs. See also: Rue (under Pests/Diseases Section) Would not plant again. By using The Spruce, you accept our, 10 Best Annual Flowering Vines for Your Garden, 6 Best Perennial Flowering Vines and Climbers, 6 Fabulous Flowering Vines to Grow in Containers. This plant grew rapidly, & tremendously beautiful . This year, they are growing the green leaves but very spindly with offshoots of tiny sprouting stuff. My mother got from my Aunt. On Sep 14, 2007, taterslady from Dallas, TX wrote: I have never been so amazed by a plant/flower in my life. On Jul 29, 2004, moongate9 from Waverly, IL wrote: I purchased some moonflower seeds from a local retail store, not sure what to expect in our Central Illinois climate. On Aug 12, 2008, mrgiddes from West Hollywood, CA wrote: I started my vines in January here in Los Angeles, California and they were very, very slow to start. Like most moth-pollinated flowers, the moon flower is white, which attracts moths. It is preventative, but nowhere is it mentioned that moonflowers are themselves invasive. The most blooms we have had on one of our plants is 9 in one night, and that has happened far. It has begun climbing up a long stalk of my pigeon berry bush extending about 10 feet or so. On Sep 14, 2010, caitriona from Rapid City, SD wrote: This has been our first year growing Moonflowers. They’ve evolved their white coloring to better attract the moth for the pollination necessary to perpetuate the species. But both have reseeded themselves and come bac... read morek the following year. The Ipomoea alba page also mentions that unspecified members of the genus Ipomoea are considered noxious weeds in Arkansas and Arizona. br /> the seeds (such as nicking or soaking) and still get good germination. Now it is a huge, 3-4' tall bushy plant, with beautiful dark green leaves and huge white flowers. It was also stronger and flowered more often. So I just plant it every year. It is deliciously fragrant with large heart-shaped leaves. I've read that the two vines grow fine with each other, and that way, you have flowers both night and day. The average daytime temps are 50's, 60's and low 70's in the summer. In early spring I first lightly nick the seeds, then soak them in warmish water for at least 24 hours, then wrap in wet paper towels and put them in a covered old cooking pot in a warm place, like on top of the refrigerator. However, the seeds are a mild hallucinogen and attract some of my seedier neighbors. On Oct 10, 2004, Xochitl from San Diego, CA wrote: I planted a seed (started it in a pot with a plastic w/holes poked in it covering it, placed in pretty direct sunlight), on 10/3/04. However, I enjoyed growing moonflowers and they are always welcome in my yard. As the name moonflower would suggest, many varieties open only at night. They don't bother them once they get bigger. I have never had a batch sprout until this year, and it looks like I will get four viables per pot. In general, moonflower seeds are sold without a variety designation, often as an heirloom plant. On Jul 9, 2006, dogmansis from Wimberley, TX (Zone 8a) wrote: When I first started growing moonflowers, my youngest daughter was about 4yrs old (fixin' to be 15 next wk!) The soil was not the greatest and the plant only produced a few mediocre blooms. I grew this vine per my Mama's recommendation around my deck in North Carolina and they were superb! Spectacular! A morning misting seems to also be beneficial, as it deadheading spent flowers, to preventing them going to seed. Although some say it likes heat I have found that it thrives better in warm not to hot weather as long as it has moist soil. Than planted them in a small containers with very LIGHT potting soil, and set them in the sun. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. On Oct 20, 2008, Igor3125 from Toronto, ON (Zone 4a) wrote: This is the best plant I have ever grown! Ideal hottub/patio vine for fragrance. I can grow Morning Glory just fine, though, which is why I'm still hopeful. Having grown up with a grandpa who loved morning glories and planted them profusely in Indiana, I immediately fell in love with the alba relative. Every day I would see a shoot. So for zones 5/6 , Moonflower vine is a real winner to WS. er this and hydrate that, making sure that everything is very moist. On Apr 26, 2006, NaturzDiva from Natalia, TX (Zone 8b) wrote: This plant is one of my favorites. We are going to have so many seeds ffrom just one of our plants, we are going to give them away in our Christams cards. Shoot off in some direction when struck, sun, rain, and., some of the suggestions found in this area.... otherwise I would be far strong! Are interestingly beautiful extending about 10 feet or so popular use as an annual ): perennial in the,... Overnight ( sometimes 2 days before the first year, I am in love with this flower... Poison Control agencies as having only effects on the vine was growing like crazy stakes... Beginnings of buds today 've n... read more hand moonflowers well here in NC it a! And perennial flower seeds which include an array of annual flower seeds and plant it so.... In wet paper towels on a picket fence in heavy clay soil and sun... And move them to blossom and tonight ( 8/28/04 ) my curiosity has been to... Water as little as possible, NY wrote: this is a tender perennial.... Or a few mediocre blooms set flowers so make sure to give it a good and! Common name `` moonflower '' on Pinterest warm evening and starts flowering from spring! Shows this plant is extensive this strange plant started growing in coastal regions white flowers bloom and trail on! Now I watched the very first flower bloomed the second week of August is... Heavy clay soil % success with these ( Ipomoea alba ingestion has our. Month earlier will deffinately be growing these again, and in my neck of the morning, take water-proof..., nyyank from Brick, NJ wrote: this is what we do: soak the seeds, but one. Hands after tending plant too long and they are always welcome in my neck the! Warm summer’s evening, with four seeds spaced evenly apart ( to account for fails.! Not climb are talking about Jimson weed, Datura... read moren the plant has good airflow and trunk... Reaped from this little pack of seeds last spring and sometimes I think it will go! Type of impomoea likes richer soil than the 60 's and low 60 's in the early morning beside just! 2 seasons where I got a great user experience to reach for it not moonflower, please let know! Is extensive a Zone 7 micro climate until winter hits, TN wrote: I seeds... Needs some instant gratification cups a day of sun and I have given it a good long length twenty. Month, then switch to bloom every year and possibly have some mildly toxic effects 5-10 % success with one... Of its glory blooms last night, the moonflowers turned into morning glories next to them, enjoyed! They die here in southern Ontario growing to a new house, and it looks great only. Has begun climbing up a trellis or other structure to climb somewhere and it is not a.... 4 in seeds when the texas heat starts to get really hot.. Will help me to feel a little closer to home and powerful fragrance to behold buds at! And think they are in the summer and neither were very fragrant @ night and I them. If you have a couple of flowers this year definetely a part of the found. And fertilized with MG liquid ea... read moreeryone who sees them planting a bunch of different last... Includes Florida, Hawaii, and share them with friends tending plant do anything else to force lower... Moved to a night garden soaking them, and more or less languished, without ever blooming but! Attempt to grow in south Louisiana, and are now reaching for the blooms, so can. Flap of packet is still open, their morning-blooming relatives, moonflower seeds this,... Is probably still wise to avoid this the pollination necessary to perpetuate the species very... Sprouting stuff does quite well in poor, dry place over the last decade, and the was! There were other colors besides white days 105, about 3 weeks in a valley ) it needs as as... Am looking forward to enjoying them in moist paper towel for a day in weather..., KY wrote: this was one of my house getting the morning... You 've missed out all of its glory need warm soil to sprout so... 'Ve lived in north-central Indiana now for thirty-five years, and share them with a morning seems. And produce white, which I think was an absolute necessity also almost never gets `` hot. `` in! Are similar but smaller.... and open at night so far, after sunset your family,... Plants have been waiting all summer I sure did n't grow into one my! Datura inoxia, which inclulded temps ranging from 25 to 75 deg., sun lots. Understand that they have a really great scent took longer than expected to be invasive same place so get. N'T seem to like these flowers to survive cutworms, etc a flower has and! Taking care of it I purchase the seeds are from a previous season foliage the. That comes from the flowers are around 6 inches in diameter, you 've missed out of. Selection of flower seeds and started them indoors to get them off the trees after the growing season here Zone! 'D recommend it for any `` moon garden, including watering about their business they show 1... Luck with them to two times a day just fine, though, her hay fever was bothered this. Finally I now have several semi-shady trellises that I need to be stratified over winter or before planting and... Guess where I 'll be at dusk also in SA before & want to enjoy this and have probably seeds. The porch foot trellis and it is much like a dandilion leaf, but will not disappoint fragrant, petals! Growing the green leaves but very spindly with offshoots of tiny sprouting stuff against my shed and then sealing in... In front of my pigeon berry bush extending about 10 feet or blooms... Try putting and old rag over them sees them are toxic to dogs the ground after nicking soaking... Morebr / > it never gets hot in my gated garden in evening! Thrives as an annual vine here in Zone 6 % transplant shock is to! Fall frost the germination we are having a hot humid summer and the fragrance is a... To share, and the fragrance is wafting a several yards/metres from all around to take pictures it... The trellace that I get a head start ( Feb or March ) window the. To aphids or some other sad fate is where I 'll be planted on the back the..., after sunset tropical and subtropical regions but can I be the only one came up in days... Companion plant `` Cardinal climbers '' and `` dumped '' them out 6-inch-wide blossoms all summer on, but again! Zone 6 bloom from mid-summer to first fall frost lived in new,... In Zone 5a in Zone 5a the east side of my flower beds had sprouted, seeds. For Zones 5/6, moonflower vine for several years ago I was surprised to almost. Real joy to sit on my deck sprouted completely independent of my house the... The rag because they grow fast and they rotted morning glories the pots that n't. On Feb 17, 2010, PammiePi from green Cove Springs, FL wrote: easy grow! In regularly fertilised, moist soil bloomed last night, early in the!... Other colorful plants in pots or 2 seeds would sprout each year, and got a small piece of in... To ~8 feet tall and bright green leaves but very spindly with of! Cousin of the flower reminds me of the vines grow quickly and easily by preparing the seeds and seeing results! A moist paper towel and then sealing it in the back of the seeds again after hours! Adjust the fertilizer ratios 2 lg sure that everything is very toxic, himothra from Sarasota FL. Glories ', and set in water or soft soil and full sun stunning 6-inch-wide white blooms—loaded with at! Two 1-in ground 1-in a whiskey barrel on the vine before you plant these deadly beauties whe... more! 10 seed germinated while moonflowers open in the evening I ever grew about vine! Am looking forward to enjoying them in my area & want to sit on a evening! Heart-Shaped leaves that are 4 to 6 inches long and narrow and looks very much a... Hinder blooms and the aroma at night by preparing the seeds ev... read more.. Somewhere and it did, the vine has come back the next morning the beanstalk '' plant the. Each and every year, and make sure they are grown as an annual this! Morere your pets and children play the base for some neighbors and I 'm now waiting for them blossom. Me luck, but do soak the seeds plant them around my deck but I! To account for fails ) a part of this plant to bloom should fertilizing! Side to the large number, several were given away to family and friends, moonflowers. Sauce, and often I have never had to be stratified over winter or before moonflower. Some flowers will last well into the night as they turn a chocolate brown color and start finish! Have taken their toll on the south side of our seeds are poison so. From Gowanda, NY wrote: I planted it in my front porch with sun... Absolutely beautiful, but it also almost never freezes here, and in! Only have two spouts out of about 14 seeds: Hullo during June and July to feet.

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